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There are no digital seatbelts.

Perpetrators constantly find new ways to reach their victims. Unfortunately, mobile phones and computers are open doors into our children's lives. And today, our youngest often carry these seemingly harmless portals everywhere, in school, at home, and of course, even into the car.

We wanted to connect Volvo's long history as safety pioneers to your collaboration with Childhood in an unexpected way. By talking about what many parents already know; that no matter how much effort we make to create safe conditions for our children, there are no guaranties. Even in the safest of cars.

Created together with Claudia Cavalli, Paul Martinsson. Directed by Mats Udd.

Alongside the film launch, we created a social media campaign where key figures within Volvo and Childhood were invited to share their thoughts, experiences and feelings about this complicated societal issue.

We encouraged participants explain why the partnership was important to them, from their individual perspective. Using their own voice and not the brands, speaking directly to their personal LinkedIn network.

This approach allowed these relatively modest posts to have a tremendous impact, showcasing a side of the participants that rarely gets expressed in their professional roles.

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